It was when three girls went to Shanghai, China.

It was when three girls went to Shanghai, China. I got a guide from the local guide to show me and went to a tea specialty store. A man who showed us the tea's point of fluency in fluent Japanese introduced men there. Men also made us laugh with quite Japanese. I wanted to keep up with the man who will guide me, but I moved with the next schedule ... k. The next time I visited was a foot massage. I was healed not only by painfully watching on TV but also by soft comfort. A small woman found an octopus in my little finger and asked me ""Is it painful?"" How sweet it is! I remember being so touched. Because overseas is a main tourist destination, it is enough in Japanese, how is it originally? Because it is a pleasant trip, I am sorry that I wish I had been more adventurous. It is still a problem that even though I think that it is different if I study a local language a bit more ... I can not even speak English properly.

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