I like traveling alone.

I like traveling alone. So, I will travel at my own pace by combining the hotel with my own cheap air ticket, without applying for the tour. Therefore, I often go not to famous places. But there is a chance to meet people in a place that is close to local people. Previously, when I went to Los Angeles in the USA, I acted differently than the boyfriend at that time, I went to the hotel on a business trip And I stayed at a local hotel, and nearby Amusu during the day I went out to the park for shopping and returned to the hotel bar in the evening and enjoyed drinking all by myself. One evening, a bar was busy, close to full, and a man knows that English from the pronunciation was sitting. And beside that, gay American. Although he is stealing a British man, he seems to be in trouble. So I tried asking ""When are you from the UK?"", Aiming at the time when the conversation was interrupted. A British man said, ""I was saved"", looked at me and answered ""Yes."" Then, the American went looking for another person with a face called ""Chi"". I just wanted to have an assistant boat, but after that I got a talk with him, got information such as a convenient charter bus to the airport, exchanged contacts and broke up. After that, I began to contact, if I went to England when I went to England, I went to England and took me to sightseeing again. And, on that journey, I met my English man this time, and I made friends with a British guy, and the new friend came to see my daughter when I gave birth. At that time, I fell in love with my friend, he found a job, moved to Japan, and they are engaged now. I think that it is a mysterious edge.

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